We are a reputable plumbing & heating service of Coventry, providing quality installation, repair and servicing of central heating systems, boilers, radiators and thermostats. We offer quick, hassle-free service and ensure that your central heating system runs seamlessly and efficiently 24x7, all year around. Our facility has some of the best heating engineers in Coventry, who offer the combined benefits of their knowledge, skills and experience to achieve flawless results for you.

Parts of a Central Heating System

A central heating system is made up of many parts such as the boiler, radiator and thermostat. Along with these major components, its ducts, valves and pump also need to be functioning properly for the entire system to work efficiently.

Other parts of a central heating system are also inspected and serviced by us during servicing to ensure their smooth and efficient functioning.


A boiler is the main part of a central heating unit. It is a vessel where water is heated and circulated as hot water or steam for heating purposes. There are various kinds of boilers available for homes, offices and industries. We help you in choosing the suitable boiler for your needs.


A radiator is the heat exchanger in a central heating unit. It transfers heat from one medium to another for heating or cooling purposes. Gathering of debris and dirt in a radiator cause blockage that impacts its efficiency and functioning. Whether you need radiator installation or maintenance, our Coventry heating engineers are specialists in installing and servicing radiators of central heating units.

Thermostat and controls

Every central heating system has a thermostat from where you can control the temperature and other settings of the unit. A thermostat tells us how the heating system is working. Inaccurate readings in a thermostat can indicate problems with the thermostat or the central heating system.

Central Heating Installation

Correct installation of a central heating system is necessary to avoid preventable problems from occurring in the unit. A central heating system is a sophisticated machinery that uses different parts and processes in order to provide heat.

The heating engineers of our Coventry plumbing & heating services have comprehensive knowledge about each part of a central heating system and their function. Whichever type of central heating system you have, our engineers know it inside out. Along with knowledge, they are also highly skilled and have years of experience in installing different kinds of central heating systems, boilers, radiators and thermostats.
In every installation work, you receive:

Fast & flawless installation
Qualified and trained engineers with experience
Hassle-free service with no disruption in your usual routine
Friendly and courteous engineers


A new central heating system will work without a problem for years, but with time, it might need repair work. Some of the reasons that cause problems in a central heating unit include:
Dirt and debris
Wear and tear
Trapped air
Leaks caused by corrosion
Malfunctioning of one or more parts
Component failure
Though regular servicing plays a large part in preventing problems from occurring in a central heating system, certain unavoidable problems can still crop up. When a central heating unit is not functioning properly, you will notice:
Less or uneven heating
More/abnormal noise
Inaccurate reading on the thermostat
The unit does not respond to controls
Some of the problems can be corrected through a small repair or replacement. For major problems, especially in important parts of the system such as the boiler, thermostat or radiator, our heating engineers in Coventry either suggest repair or replacement. We only suggest replacing a part if it cannot be repaired. Our aim in any repair or replacement work is to provide you with maximum value at lowest costs.


Manufacturers always emphasise the importance of servicing because it increases the life of a machine and helps it to function at its peak. Our plumbing & heating service in Coventry provides servicing of central heating systems, boilers, radiators, and thermostats. We provide comprehensive servicing that includes a thorough cleaning and detailed inspection.

For central heating units, servicing at least once a year is recommended. Our quality servicing assures you of these benefits that regular servicing results in:

  • Longer life
  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Less repair

Though it may seem like a bother to get your central heating system serviced, in the long term, it gives you multiple benefits such as lowering of the cost of running the heating system, enhanced efficiency, and longer life. At Coventry plumbing & heating services, we provide thorough servicing that you can rely on. For any servicing needs, you may please contact us and we will respond to your communication soon.

Upgrading Your Central Heating System

With rapid changes in technology, more sophisticated features are being introduced in newer central heating systems. If you feel your old central heating system is not providing you with sufficient heating or it has become too old and you need to change or upgrade it, you have a variety of options available. An upgrade offers these benefits:

  • Better comfort
  • More customised controls
  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduced energy costs
  • More environment friendly

An upgrade costs much less than purchasing a new central heating system. If you need help in upgrading your present central heating system, our heating engineers at our plumbing & heating facility in Coventry can help you in choosing the appropriate upgrade for your system and installing it perfectly.

Coventry’s Plumbing & Heating Services

At our Coventry plumbing & heating service, we specialise in installing, repairing and servicing central heating systems, boilers, radiators and thermostats. Conducted by qualified and trained engineers, you will find our services to be of highest quality. Whatever big or small work we undertake, we achieve superior quality in it. Whether you need a small repair in your central heating system or complete installation of a central heating unit, we work dedicatedly to provide you with perfect installation, repair and servicing.

Outstanding Customer Care

We prioritise our customers. For years, our plumbing & heating services in Coventry has been offering specialised services by some of the best heating engineers of Coventry. Our company places high value to customer care, which includes:

Free site survey & quote

Fast and flawless service

Emergency services

Fair costs

Maximum value

Friendly and polite engineers

Qualified and trained engineers with experience

Smooth, hassle-free experience

With us, you receive exceptional service by professionals, and also a seamless customer experience where the installation, repair or servicing is completed quickly and with no disturbance to your routine.

Experience Peace of Mind

You experience complete peace of mind, as you are assured of the quality of the service, fair prices, and quick availability. Our plumbing & heating in Coventry has heating engineers who specialise in installing, repairing and servicing central heating systems for domestic and commercial sectors. Whichever kind of central heating system you have, our engineers are qualified to handle it.

If you need installation, repair or servicing of central heating units, boilers, radiators and thermostats of any type or brand, we can achieve perfect results for you. Choose our quality and reliable Coventry-based plumbing & heating service for finest results.

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