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Types of Boilers

There are generally many types of boilers available for homes and industries. Boilers such as fire-tube, water-tube boilers, and combi boilers are common types of boilers. You may also hear terms like high pressure or low pressure boiler. High pressure boilers are those that operate higher than 15 psig.

Fire-tube boilers

These boilers are called fire-tube because in these boilers the fire or hot gasses are channeled through tubes from the burner. These tubes are surrounded by the liquid that is to be heated. The liquid, usually water is heated or converted into steam. Fire-tube boilers are not suitable for high pressure applications and high capacity steam generation.

Water-tube boilers

In these boilers, the combustion gases are outside the tubes and the water is inside the tubes. These boilers are more efficient in heating and need less time to heat or generate steam. They respond well to load changes and can reach very high temperatures.

Combi boilers

These boilers are ideal for homes. They have the qualities of both a water heater and a central heating unit. A combi boiler systems is one single unit that works both as an efficient water heater and a central heating boiler.

There are also other kinds of boilers such as conventional gravity fed boilers, unvented system, hydronic boiler systems, steam and condensate systems, and cast iron boilers.

Which Boiler Should I Choose?

Depending upon your need, you may choose a boiler that provides you with proper heating throughout the year, including the coldest days of the year. Here are some important points to consider when buying a boiler:

Size of the boiler

The boiler need to be precisely of the capacity that you need. If you buy an oversized boiler, it will consume more electricity, which will raise your power bills unnecessarily. A smaller radiator and less water capacity reduce the cost of the installation and power bills. However, if you need to use the heating or steam generation for applications that need larger quantities of hot water or steam, a large boiler will be more suitable for you. So, depending upon your need, choose the boiler size that suits you.

Domestic or Industrial

You may need a boiler for your home, an industrial process or a commercial facility. Depending upon where you need it and for what, the choices vary.

Your bespoke need

The function for which you are buying a boiler determines what kind of boiler is ideal for you. Depending upon whether you need the boiler system only for generating steam for industrial purposes, want to use it to heat water for a large water body, need it for generating large amounts of hot water for processing, or use it for your home, we can help you choose a boiler that suits your needs exactly.

Free Consultation from Experts

Our qualified engineers at our plumbing & heating facility in Coventry have deep knowledge about the functionality, design and models of the various types of boilers. Their vast experience in installing, repairing and maintaining different kinds of boilers makes them the perfect people to ask for advice. You are welcome to call or message us and talk to our friendly heating engineers of Coventry who will be glad to help you with your query.

Specialists Heating Engineers of Coventry

We have a team of qualified and trained engineers in our Coventry plumbing & heating facility, who are specialists in their field. Since they have years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining all kinds of boiler systems, no boiler work is too big for them. From the smallest repair to complete installation and maintenance, they work with dedication to achieve perfect results for you.

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Our services are geared to provide you with a seamless experience where you receive quality and reliability, and experience peace of mind. We make uttermost care not to cause disturbance to you while we do our work. In any big or small job, our engineers work quickly and quietly, offering you no inconvenience at all.

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