Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

Servicing of boilers is needed to minimise wear and tear, avoid potential problems from developing in a boiler, and to keep up its smooth and efficient functioning. A boiler that is timely serviced continues to provide seamless, uninterrupted service. It also helps to reduce electricity bills, as certain problems in a boiler may increase energy consumption. A reputable plumbing & heating service in Coventry, we provide comprehensive servicing of boilers of all types conducted by specialist engineers.

Frequency of Servicing

Ideally, a boiler needs to be serviced every year for it to operate at its optimum level. Even if your boiler is functioning perfectly, servicing will ensure that there is least wear and tear in the system. In the long-term, routine servicing offers the following benefits:
Longer life
Higher efficiency
Less occurrence of problems
Lowering of electricity bills
Reduced wear and tear
Most manufacturers that offer warranty that extend up to 10 years recommend routine yearly servicing. That is because for continued smooth and efficient service, it is important for a boiler to be serviced at least once a year.

How Servicing is Conducted

We specialise in providing professional plumbing & heating services in Coventry. Our team of qualified engineers conduct servicing on all types of boiler systems. Our heating engineer checks the following during servicing:
Inspect the safety devices and valves
Check the burners
See whether the boiler has safe emission levels
Check the flue
Inspect and clean the parts of a boiler to remove dust, dirt and debris
After this basic servicing, our engineers test the boiler system to check its combustion, which should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We also test the actions and behaviors of the various parts of a boiler to ensure that they are functioning properly. Comprehensive testing is conducted by specialist heating engineers of our Coventry plumbing & heating facility to check if any abnormalities are present in the system. A thorough cleaning of the boiler is also conducted to ensure flawless performance.

Benefits of Our Boilers Servicing

All our work in the plumbing & heating industry in Coventry revolves around quality. We have been offering superior quality service to our customers for years, ensuring that they get maximum value. When you choose us for servicing, you receive quality, timely servicing that is thorough. With us, you benefit from:

Comprehensive inspection and testing

Fault finding to detect abnormalities

Thorough cleaning

Timely & efficient service

High quality servicing conducted by qualified and trained engineers

No disturbance to your routine

Quality Replacements

If during the servicing, any abnormalities are detected and repair or replacement is needed, we resolve them quickly. In case of replacement, we only use highest quality parts that are durable. You are first informed about the replacement and its cost, and only after your approval, the replacement is completed.

In Coventry, our plumbing & heating services is trusted for its quality and reliability. We make every effort to provide you with maximum value every step of the installation, repair or servicing of your boiler.

Why Get Servicing?

Some think of servicing as optional. Though servicing is not mandatory, it is recommended because of the long-term benefits it provides.

  • A well serviced boiler will work efficiently thereby providing better and consistent heating.
  • It will not run into problems that need repair time and again.
    It will keep electricity bills from rising due to laborious functioning of the boiler.
  • Routine servicing also keeps you safe from harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide that can be emitted by boilers that do not function properly.
  • Regular inspection helps to identify problems when they are in their infancy.

Due to the multiple benefits of servicing, it is recommended by all manufacturers. If you need comprehensive and reliable boiler servicing in Coventry, our plumbing & heating services is just a call away.

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