Radiator Installation and Maintenance

Radiator Installation & Maintenance

A radiator is a heat exchanger that transfers thermal energy from one medium to another for heating or cooling purposes. In a central heating system, hot water or steam is generated in the boiler and is circulated through radiators to different parts of a home. At our plumbing & heating facility in Coventry, we provide radiator installation and maintenance services across Coventry conducted by qualified heating engineers.

How a Radiator Works

A radiator is the last step in delivering heat to your home or office. If it’s not functioning properly, you will not receive proper heating inside your home even if the central heating system is working at its optimum level.

Though a radiator is sturdy and functions without a flaw for years with proper care, it may need to be replaced if it gets damaged, runs out its lifespan, or developed major problems due to lack of care. If your central heating system is not functioning properly because of problems in a radiator that cannot be corrected through repair, you may need to buy a new radiator.

Radiators come in a variety of materials, sizes and designs. At our Coventry plumbing & heating facility, we provide free consultation to help you make the correct buying decision. Any help you need in choosing a suitable radiator for your home or commercial space is provided by our friendly, qualified engineers at no cost.

Radiator Installation

Along with buying a suitable radiator for your needs, its correct installation is also important for it to function properly. An incorrectly installed radiator can cause problems such as leakages, overheating, drop in coolant level, etc. Even a small leak due to faulty installation can cause problems that will need immediate correction.
We have been providing flawless installation of all types of radiators. Each installation is conducted by qualified heating engineers of our Coventry plumbing & heating facility who have the skill, the knowledge and the experience to perfectly install a radiator in no time. Our engineers check the radiator thoroughly after installation to ensure that it is running at its optimum level.

The Importance of Radiator Maintenance

Radiators work continuously, passing the heated air to the rooms all day and night. Over time, a radiator may develop problems such as the presence of dirt and debris that may cause a blockage; leakages, and inefficient functioning due to wear and tear. Such problems in a radiator can be avoided to a large extent by getting it serviced regularly.

Regular maintenance plays a large part in keeping a radiator performing at its peak, increasing its life, and reducing energy consumption. By getting your radiator serviced regularly, you also avoid frequent problems caused by corrosion, leaks and blockages.

Our Comprehensive Servicing

Our plumbing & heating services in Coventry provide perfect installation and servicing of radiators of all kinds. Our in-house engineers are highly qualified professionals who conduct detailed servicing. During servicing, thorough inspection of the radiator is conducted to ensure that it is completely free from problems.
After a comprehensive servicing, the radiator is tested to see its performance. We take every step during the servicing to make sure that the radiator is spotlessly clean, free from problems, and working at its optimum level.
Proper maintenance of a radiator keeps it functioning efficiently at all times. Even if your radiator is working 24x7, it will provide you with seamless, uninterrupted service if it is receiving the care it needs. If you want to get a radiator installed or serviced by a reliable and affordable service in Coventry, plumbing & heating service is there for you.

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